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Dr. Chadwick Prodromos, MD Orthopaedic And Sports Medicine

Dr. Chadwick Prodromos, MD Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine
Dr. Chadwick Prodromos, MD Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine
Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine

Chadwick Prodromos, MD is a Board-Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon and is also Board-Certified in Regenerative Medicine.  He provides autologous stem cell treatments at the Pensum Regenerative Medicine to patients from around the world.


Dr. Prodromos was born in Chicago Illinois.  In 1975 he received his Bachelors’ Degree with honours from Princeton University in Biology, together with a certificate, Science in Human Affairs.  Whilst at Princeton, he also studied opera under the renowned New York voice coach, the late Ms. Shirlee Emmons.


He subsequently matriculated at the Johns Hopkins Medical School from which he received his MD degree in 1979.  He served a surgical internship at The University of Chicago and then an Orthopaedic Surgery residency at Rush Presbyterian St. Luke’s Medical Center (now Rush University) in Chicago, which he completed in 1984.


While at Rush he was awarded both the Berkheiser Research Award by Chicago's Institute of Medicine, and the Rush Surgical Sciences Award for pioneering gait analysis research.  The latter analysis was ultimately published in the prestigious Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery.  This research predicted clinical efficacy after High Tibial Osteotomy Surgery (an alternative to knee replacement) and resulted in a procedure for which he was selected to write and teach the Instructional Course Lecture for the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.  He continues to perform gait analysis research at Rush University to this day with a study currently in progress on joint preserving Joint Distraction arthroplasty.


After completing his Orthopaedic Residency at Rush, he was selected for the Orthopaedic and Sportsmedicine Fellowship at the Harvard Medical School and the Massachusetts General Hospital where he also served as a member of the New England Patriots Medical Staff (and where he also sang the National Anthem at their game that year with the Miami Dolphins in Foxboro!).  While at Harvard, he initiated and completed a study of the glenoid labrum of the shoulder showing for the first time that it was composed of fibrocartilage not just fibrous tissue.  He is an expert in this area and was asked to be editor of a special volume on labral tears of the shoulder which is currently in publication.


After completing his fellowship, he returned to Chicago where he entered the private practice of Orthopaedic Surgery.  His practice focused on sports medicine and he was named medical director of the Arena Football League as well as serving as team physician for numerous collegiate and high school programs.  He was then invited to join the medical staff at Rush as Assistant Professor – a position he continued to hold for more than 25 years.


Dr. Prodromos specializes in restorative knee and shoulder surgery.  He was one of the pioneers of hamstring ACL reconstruction in the knee.  After devising a new safer method to harvest the hamstring tendon graft, and after publishing the largest series of ACL reconstructions using it with the highest success rate yet published for it, he was asked by his peers to be the Editor in Chief of the first comprehensive textbook for Orthopaedic Surgeons on the ACL.  Published in 2008 by Elsevier, the world's predominant medical publisher, it became the standard text on this subject worldwide.  He has since produced a second edition which was published in the summer of 2018.  With 143 chapters and input from hundreds of the top ACL scientists and clinicians worldwide, it remains the standard in this field.  Dr Prodromos is also a reviewer for the three leading worldwide orthopaedic sports medicine journals.


In 2009 he became interested in regenerative medicine and performed his first PRP injection as part of a prospective study of this technique in 2010.  The study is run by the 501c3 Illinois Orthopaedic non-profit foundation of which he is medical director.  The foundation is funded personally by Dr. Prodromos because of his commitment to produce valid clinical data to guide clinical use of PRP and stem cell treatments.  With over 2700 PRP and stem cell treatments personally performed by Dr. Prodromos as of mid 2018, it may be the largest Orthopaedic database of these techniques in existence.


Dr. Prodromos met Dr. Joseph Purita [also of the Pensum Regenerative Medicine] in 2014.  As an orthopaedic surgeon and world leader in stem cell treatments, he was instrumental in helping Dr. Prodromos expand his techniques in this area.  Dr. Prodromos limits his surgical practice to arthroscopic restorative surgery of the knee and shoulder.  However, he finds that he is able successfully to treat many patients non-operatively with stem cell and PRP therapies who otherwise would have needed surgery.  For example, he is in the process of publishing a series of rotator cuff tear patients treated with PRP and stem cells with a very high success rate without surgery – even though surgery had been recommended elsewhere.  Despite his accomplishments as a surgeon, he is happiest when he can help patients avoid surgery.


Dr. Prodromos is also an expert in Low Level Laser Therapy and recently presented the results of a clinical study at a prestigious medical meeting in which he demonstrated for the first time that PRP treatment results can be improved with simultaneous intra-articular Low Level Laser Therapy.


Dr Prodromos treats patients without pharmaceutical drugs.  He is an expert on the use of nutritional supplements – such as glucosamine/chondroitin, boswellia, curcumin and probiotics to aid healing and reduce inflammation naturally, in conjunction with stem cell treatments.


Working together with his wife Marilyn, a specialty trained Dental surgeon, they have also established the TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint of the jaw) institute, which offers a highly successful treatment algorithm for this difficult problem available nowhere else in the world.


Dr. Prodromos is excited at the limitless possibilities of regenerative medicine and his ongoing work continues to help advance the field.